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Organizational Structure

You can add your company's organizational structure to shiftplanner with all its details. You can use shiftplanner as it suits you best.

Authorization and Jurisdiction

shiftplanner is not restricted to certain user types and authorities. You can add all the positions in your company to shiftplanner and give these positions the authority you want. In addition, you can define juristictions for users to determine which user will be authorized in which parts of the company.

Settings and Rules

With settings and rules, you can set a standard for all users. All managers and employees you add to shiftplanner use the system according to the settings and rules you set. In this way, the possibility of erroneous operation is eliminated.


There are many stages in the shift management. Planning, approval, sharing, tracking, archiving and reporting are the most important stages. In shiftplanner, you can easily manage all these stages of all the above-mentioned works.


You can create a 3-stage approval chain for operations such as shifts and support. In this way, all transactions are approved by the relevant persons and processed into the system.


Shift management contains a lot of details. In shiftplanner, you can manage your shifts with all these details taken into account. With the additional features we offer, your shift management processes become much more fluent.


You can easily manage all the details about employee leaves in shiftplanner. You can define and use the use of annual leave and all other leaves in shiftplanner. It is also possible to define and use special permissions for your company.

Time Management

You can easily manage the weekly overtime, the payment of these overtimes as leave or wages, and many more in shiftplanner.


You can easily manage daily or hourly employee changes between your branches or departments through shiftplanner Support Management.


You can easily manage permanent employee changes between your branches or departments through shiftplanner Transfer Management.


In shiftplanner, adding employees is not allowed if there is an error in the employee information. In this way, the accuracy of all employee information in the system is guaranteed.


When you dismiss an employee via shiftplanner, the employee remains in the system until the relevant date, and transactions can be made on issues such as the employee's shift and leave. When the dismissal date comes, information about the employee is archived and the user is removed from the system.

Detail Reporting

The need for detailed reporting arises as a result of shifts, leave, overtime, support, transfer and other works. In shiftplanner, you can get reports related to all the work you do (overtime, leave, public holiday and many more reports) within seconds, without errors.

Public Holidays

All public holidays are defined in shiftplanner. A public holiday report is automatically generated as shifts are scheduled in the system. You don't need to do any extra work on this.


You can integrate shiftplanner into your related systems and achieve a more holistic use. For example, integrations for cash systems, PACS devices, ERP software and other needs are possible in shiftplanner.

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What Our Users Say About shiftplanner

"We were tracking our employees' shifts and leave processes with Excel, and this was an inefficient method in many respects. shiftplanner gathered these operations under a single system, enabling the right data to be generated and reported within the organization at the right time."

- Management of Caffè Nero


As shiftplanner, we are working to produce an effective solution for all sectors where there is a shift working system.






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