Fast, Easy, Efficient Shift Management

With Shiftplanner, you can manage your employees' work such as shifts, leave and work with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Our Client

To date, thousands of shifts have been planned for hundreds of employees in tens of branches with Shiftplanner.

" “ We were monitoring the processes of our employees such as shifts and leave with Excel, and this was an inefficient method in many aspects. Shiftplanner gathered these operations under a single system, enabling the correct data to be created and reported at the right time within the organization.” "

- Caffè Nero Management







Shiftplanner v1

With Shiftplanner v1, thousands of shift processes have been carried out so far, missing / overtime work has been tracked, weekly / yearly, etc. permissions were managed, reports were received, analyzes were made. In this process, time and therefore cost were saved.

Shiftplanner v2

Shiftplanner is coming soon with its renewed design and advanced features. By using Shiftplanner, you can simplify and speed up your personnel management processes and increase your efficiency.

Also, Shiftplanner Mobile application is coming soon. With our mobile application:

  • Employees will be able to view and request their shifts, leaves and overtime
  • With QR Code, they will be able to enter and exit their shifts and breaks
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Flexible Organizational Structure

In Shiftplanner, you can create the most appropriate organizational structure for your company without being exposed to a fixed structure.

Flexible Usage

You can increase the diversity of usage by giving different authorizations to different employees.

Affordable Prices

You can become a Shiftplanner user with low costs by becoming a member with convenient monthly payments determined according to your number of employees.

Shift Management

You can easily plan your employees' shifts in minutes and save them as templates for later use.

Leave - Overtime Management

You can plan, track and report your employees' leaves and shifts.

Support - Transfer Management

You can easily make internal employee changes.


Cash Register Systems

By integrating your cash register systems, you can make employee need prediction and performance measurements.


If you already have a PACS system, you can integrate it, monitor and report on the actual work data.


HR / Payroll

By integrating your HR systems, you can provide a bilateral data exchange. You can also transfer the payroll information you have obtained in Shiftplanner to your payroll systems.


As Shiftplanner, we are working to produce an effective solution for all sectors where there is a shift working system.






Factory / Industry

Call Center


Service / Security

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